Prayer of Release

By the power of the Holy Priesthood which Christ holds, I release any unclean or earthbound spirits, hidden or trapped to depart and never to return.  I command and rebuke any and all demons, devils, dark intelligences, dark entities, any being with dark or evil intent, hidden or trapped to depart and return to whatever they come from.
           I command all dark marks, shunts, devices, weapons, implants, curses, hexes, bonds, attachments, links, cords, portals, dark residue debris or anything with intent to cause harm, pain or illness, misfortune or any negative impact, hidden or concealed to be null and void, closed, removed and destroyed completely.
            I ask for all psychic trauma, emotional trauma, and heart walls to be released, and that they will no longer have any negative effect.  I ask that any portals be sealed, closed and destroyed.
           I ask for healing of chakras that they may be cleansed, healed and spinning the correct way.
           I ask that all disconnections be healed, heart, mind, body and spirit.  I ask that all fragments be returned to their origin.
          I ask for healing and comfort, physical, spiritual, and emotional.  I also ask that any and all voids be filled with the love and light of Christ.  I ask to be surrounded by the love and light of Christ and express gratitude to Him for this experience and for casting all of this off of me.
           I ask for shields to surround and protect.  I ask for the light of Christ to come down through the top of my head.  I ask for it to fill my body from the inside out.  I will push the light out further and further from every pore, until it completely surrounds me.  I will push it out as far as I like, past the walls, past the home, past the yard, city, country and even world.  I push all of the darkness out of me and away as the pure light of Christ multiplies and heals.  I ask to be shown other ways to strengthen these shields.
          I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Reference:  Mendenhall, Doug, I See, Awake

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